Movie Review: Untraceable

Last night we went to see the movie, Untraceable, starring Diane Lane as a Portland-based FBI agent trying to nab a guy who is committing some sick, sick crimes streaming live online… So, thriller. The real thrill was seeing all of the Portland scenes! The people to the right of us were whispering to each other through the whole movie, but I didn’t mind..because I’m sure they were just pointing out familiar places to each other…like B and I were 🙂 How was the movie? Diane Lanes best work since Must Love Dogs. Read that however you will…
If you live in Portland you must go see this movie though. There’s a flyover shot of the Broadway bridge going westbound. Where the lanes peel off to the left and right…we live to the right! Also, someone from Sellwood gets the ax. Our favorite breakfast place, Fat Alberts, is in Sellwood. Creepy.
There’s also a scene where its raining on the Broadway Bridge. When they shot it they had to make Hollywood ‘rain’. Hello…When is it not raining on the Broadway Bridge?


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