My First Toonlet Comic Strip!

I didn’t quite know what was cool about Toonlet when it was first described to me, but now that I’ve been out there and monkeyed around with the tools – wow! – such a fun thing!

Take a look at this – my first strip!

Sarah Palin in 4th Grade

Sarah Palin in 4th Grade

I start with just a funny idea (ok-I think its funny). Go into Toonlet, and start creating my characters with the various tools – head shape, hair, glasses, torso…many to choose from.

Then I save these characters with a name/emotion…so maybe teacher happy, teacher confused, Sarah happy.

So, if I wanted to do another strip with characters recurring from a previous strip, I just click on the character to add the to a pane and type their words in – going forward, the strips can get done fairly fast!

Just sharing – this is really fun – there’s still lots to learn about Toonlet though – I see some pretty fancy panels out there…!


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