An Amazing Morning!

bandit and lisa

Ok. So my sister’s dog, Bandit, had a shoulder injury about 2 weeks ago. During the diagnosis of his shoulder problem, the vet noticed a sewing needle on the xray. It was in a location (the chest cavity) that made surgery not a very safe option. ..but it appeared to not bother the dog and had been there for some time. The vet thinks that it was ingested and worked its way through the esophagus to the chest cavity. My sister did recall an eposide when Bandit was a puppy, where he’d gotten hold of her pin cushion…

Now they show up in Portland for a vacation (with Bandit in tow). He develops a little bump on his shoulder yesterday.

the bump

The shoulder problem back? We didn’t know. My sister starts poking at it today and ….feels something hard…

We get the tweezers, and this is what we pull out of Bandits shoulder:

two inch sewing needle

OMG! A 2-inch sewing needle…


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