Note from a cruising altitude of 10K feet…

washington delaware

washington crossing the delaware

I had seen tweets from @alaskaair about wifi on this flight yesterday (the inaugural non-stop flight from Portland to Chicago) and hoped that they’d have it on today’s flight. I couldn’t verify that they would because apparently the planes get switched out sometimes so…no guarantees (unless the whole fleet is wifi).
I packed a Plan B just in case: Freeman’s biography of George Washington (the condensed version – not the 7 volume set). I know just about nothing about Washington and figured that 3 hours inflight would give me at least a high schoolers clue about the man…but I digress.
When I got to the gate I asked the agent if this was a wifi plane…she though it wasn’t because she didn’t see any sort of antenna on it…neither did I. Really, boning up on Washington is not a bad way to spend the time.
But as I boarded I saw the wifi inflight logo:
wifi logo
…and I knew that immersing myself in Freeman’s book wasn’t going to be happening…or probabaly wasn’t. There was a slight chance they could forget to turn on the wifi (someone had tweeted that this happened on their flight before).
After we reached a ‘safe cruising altitude’ I whipped out my laptop to try the wifi. It was pretty straightforward, but the $7 charge on the last screen was a bit of a surprise…its not mentioned in the seat pocket literature. Still..$7 for 3+hours of entertainment? Sure!
So now I’m online, flying over this:
view from plane
and thinking about this vast country and how it was formed… So now I’m going to log off and read a little about George Washington.


One thought on “Note from a cruising altitude of 10K feet…

  1. Whoo Hooo… Inflight WiFi ! Lucky you ! But I’m still not over the $2 for 2 spinach leaves that you gave to Bryan… Guess he didn’t realize he ate a bunch of them under our Salmon Salad the other night ! I think it put some hair on his chinny chin chin but I can’t be sure. Have a good trip honey… Love, n. xox

    PS… Was among the losers this morning. Yay ! Good luck with YOU. =-D

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