What have we here?

A couple of weeks back I purchased three interesting arts & crafts frames.
three arts & crafts picture frames
They had neat old pictures from Venice, Italy, but I really just wanted the frames…so I set about taking the pictures out..which involved pulling old rusty nails from the back that had been there for maybe 80 years?…old venice photo
When I got the pictures out I found these painted boards which were used to hold the photos in place!
painted crestcrest2
and the last one which is the most complete and has a date – 1902.

So now I am so interested!! Where are these from? They’re all different views of the same crest. ‘l’union fait la force’ (strength through unity) is the motto for Belgium and the lion is like a Belgian lion…but its wearing a little crest of its own which I can’t place. Also, the right side of the crest has a LOT of different things on it… what does it mean? so fun trying to figure this out πŸ™‚ any ideas?


2 thoughts on “What have we here?

    • Thank you for the reply and all of this info. learning about crests has been fascinating and the link to the crest site you provided is JUST what I was looking for. Will post if I strike gold with any of this πŸ™‚ G

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