Cime di licious!

When friends go out of town you graciously step up to feed the cat, take in the mail, etc. Little did we know that one of our ‘tasks’ was to take the farm fresh veggies our friends get delivered and use them ourselves!
I have always wondered what these basket of treats would be like. Would it just be something like 12 pounds of chard? Well… happy to say it was fabulous! The best part is that you often don’t know how to cook what you get – so, you get to learn something new. Believe me – something new in the kitchen is ALWAYS appreciated.
Our particular basket of goodies came from Pumpkin Ridge Gardens. They offer a subscription service for veggies direct from their farm – located just outside of Portland.
I knew most of the goodies in the basket by sight (though the kale had me stumped until I looked at the sheet that came with the basket). The other I still couldn’t wrap my mind around even after reading its name ‘cime di rapa’
A quick Google and I found several recipes. Most were around a dish that had cime di rapa/ orecchiette pasta as the two ingredients. All recipes said that the stems were blech. so…here’s my take!
1. Get the cime di rapa on a cutting board so you can cut it from the stems!
cime di rapa
2. Put the pasta on and then put the cime di rapa in with the boiling pasta (towards the last 6 minutes or so…) – This step felt wrong but it worked!
cime di rapa in the pasta water
3. In a saute pan put some garlic cloves and a little red peper flakes.
4. Then put the strained pasta/cime di rapa in the saute pan too! (wait! that’s not orechiette! I know, right? I only had some rigatoni around but it was good!)
cime di rapa and pasta in the saute pan
5. grate a little romano over the top and serve!
dinner is served
This was so easy and delicious!


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