Here comes the fruit!

It’s official! We’ve got yard food! First, we’ve got a great Italian plum tree and the plums on it are mere HOURS away from being ripe enough to eat.

Italian plum from the yard

This plum is about the size of a raquetball...kid you not.

By the end of the summer I’ll probably know a million ways to prepare Italian plums because I’ll have thousands of them (I can actually hear them dropping on the ground outside right now) but for starters I might make the Plum Cake Tatin from Barfoot in Paris.

Just across the yard from the plum tree is our first ever tomato plant. We opted for a single cherry tomato plant, just to wade into the water. Most of the tomatoes are still green, but the other morning I saw this little guy!

first cherry tomato

the first tomato

The nice thing about cherry tomatoes is that for a while at least we’ll just be able to pop them on salads. If we get overrun with them later, we can freeze them and add them to warm dishes in the winter and reminisce about our first summer garden 🙂


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