A Local Arts & Crafts Find

The Arts & Crafts era has always been my favorite.  Over the years I’ve gathered little things here and there that capture the lines, colors, weight and labor of that period.  I also get the occasional Arts & Crafts book.

A couple of weeks back I went to an estate sale and found this rather interesting chair.  It was $90.


Heavy and with a nice old leather seat, it was low to the ground and very comfortable.  You can’t see the size but it has a slightly wider and deeper seat than most arm chairs.  There were also interesting curves…the seat back curves down, and the arms have the little extra curved pieces.

Oregon Chair Co. Arts & Crafts ChairIt is in rather rough shape surface-wise.  It has been varnished and that is chipping away, but it is really solid.  It does not creak anywhere…

Here’s what really got me excited though!  When I flipped over the seat to look at the underside, I saw this label.

a&cchair3There was a company in Oregon called the Oregon Chair Company and I did find a little write-up about it in the book Arts & Crafts of the Pacific Northwest.  I also found a little obit piece about it’s founder, Arthur Kingsley.

He spent his early life in his native state, where he acquired a common school education and when yet a lad in years he began providing for his own support as an employe of the Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad. He spent a few years in that connection and then became an employe of the Grand Ledge Chair Company, with which he remained for a period of eight years. At length, having acquired comprehensive knowledge of every phase of the business he determind to start out independently and leaving Michigan in the summer of 1906 he came to Portland, where he organized the Oregon Chair Company. He was the pioneer in this field and up to this time all trade of the kind had been conducted with eastern firms, so that Mr. Kingsley had to overcome custom and prejudice in establishing his business. He persevered, however, and his industry, determination, fair and honorable methods and his progressiveness at length brought their reward, and today the business of the Oregon Chair Company stands as a monument to the energy and ability of Mr. Kingsley.


Oregon Chair Company


Aside from these couple of write-ups, and two historic photos from Oregon State, I can’t seem to find much else. I am intrigued with this company if anyone knows more?





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