One less car

Ok, we didn’t get rid of the car…but we did get bikes! The picture above is Bryan headed home on his new bike, shiny helmet and all! (a 3.7 mile ride).
Portland is THE bike town. Voted #1 bike town by bicycling magazine. The new bikes, and B’s new Birkenstocks…we’re really embracing all things Oregon.

Its fitting that not only is Portland big on bikes, but the drivers are the most courteous in the nation! Check out their survey.

So you have lots of bikes and lots of nice drivers 🙂 Just another reason to like Portland…


The House! The House! The House is on Wheels!

The Ladd Carriage House (1883)which used to grace the corner of Broadway and Columbia, was moved yesterday to a temporary spot a couple of blocks away, while its former block undergoes some fairly major redevelopment. Then in 2008, it will move back to its original home, though the neighborhood will have changed.
The Carriage House housed horses on the first floor (and carriages) and the coachmen on the second. It is just huge.
Yesterday we went down to watch them move it at around 7am…we were pretty much watching it until about 9:30 last night. Here is the short version – a time-lapsed view of the move start to finish – amazing!

Here’s some of my pics –
The house gets up on its wheels and moves out into the street. It is way bigger than I thought it was – and all sorts of workers running around underneath it steadying and getting the wheels straight.

Then it starts down Columbia for a 3-block trip…heading into the park blocks (which are lined with trees. Im wondering how they’re going to clear the trees. There’s some side story about the city only wanting them to cut the branches they needed to …as they passed…instead of cutting them all back early. Don’t know the details, but it made for an exciting squeeze!

Then we’re 1/2 there – smack in the middle of the park blocks, arborists hanging from the trees. The building looked particularly spectacular…what a beautiful thing!

Here’s a side shot from within the park looking out to the street. You can see more of the architecture :

Then we get through the park – phew! and now just have to squeeze between these two buildings…

and we’re home 🙂 At least until 2008, when it makes the trip back down through the park. I do commend the folks that went through all of this extra trouble to save such a cool building. The granddaughter of Ladd was at the event and talked about how you turn this corner and you see a building like that and it makes you wonder about a cities history.

Without these gems you really do lose that connection. I am so glad to be in a wonderful city that is really getting that concept.

My 3-D Adventure

The 3D Center of Art & Photography is a little museum between the Pearl and 23rd Street. We got there for the last day of an amazing exhibit of an original View Master artist – Joe Liptak. He had given over many of his models for the event and the museum had them displayed on a big table in the middle of the room, alongside View Masters containing the reels that the models were from.

Such a cool little museum – I highly recommend it. They offer classes in making your own 3D pictures as well! Its probably common knowledge that the View-Master came from Portland. A little Ginapedia…View-Masters came along in 1938. They’re still a relatively unchanged entertaining toy. No small feat with all the technology in our lives now! The military used View-Master reels for training. You can even find them on EBay from time to time.

Peace Rally in Portland

B and I broke out Scout’s tie-dyed bandanna for the peace rally this weekend. We joined a huge crowd for a walk through downtown Portland. The rally started and ended on our front lawn (the South Park blocks). We started out just opening our living room window. We could hear the speakers (hello mayor!) and the music. When it was time to march we just went downstairs and voila. Front row! We broke off from the crowd at one point to get the latest version of Quicken at the local Office Depot, but then rejoined and finished the walk – a consumerist splinter group… Nice walk. Someone said “Dogs for peace.” to Scout. It dawned on me that we don’t really know her politics, but she did look ‘at home’ in the tie-dye. 🙂

A ‘little’ park activity

So…the Worlds Smallest Park was rededicated today and we were there for the event. Being this small, it was able to relocate during some street construction, and then return afterwards. That’s what happened with Mill Ends Park.
B and Scout and I attended…the mayor spoke

and we joined in the procession with the park in tow…

and we all celebrated the little parks return to the median out on Naito Parkway.
Scout was the first dog to visit the new park.

Then we all went for sandwiches in a slightly larger park a couple of blocks up.

There’s some voodoo…

in them donuts! Went to Voodoo Doughnuts for the first time. We were down at Stumptown, getting a cup of Portland’s own. Voodoo is just a block away. The perfect combination. There, twirling around in a pastry window were several dozen on-of-a-kind donuts. Chocolate cake donut with Fruit Loops? White cake with m&ms? A rasberry filled voodoo doll with a straight pretzel thru its heart? Really, too much. I opted for an eclair. I could probably do this once every two months. Completely satisfied my sweet tooth.

Take me out to the ballgame!

Like everything else downtown, we are only a stones throw from the baseball stadium! This is where The Portland Beavers play. They are a minor league affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Go Beavs!!! Go Padres!!! Every little walk seems to find us in yet another cool neighborhood. The stadium is over in the Goose Hollow area…an area we were interested in buying in. Goose Hollow is getting condos like the rest of Portland, but it still has a cool Kings Hill area with big old houses and shady trees. And the Goose Hollow Inn is at the bottom of the hill…with the best reubens ever!