Looking for the Pork Store – take 2

Well….its Saturday again 🙂 We ended up at Byways back in the Pearl. It was mentioned as being kitchy and having Stumptown Coffee. Stumptown is the local coffee here. We’d knew the breakfast couldn’t be that bad if they cared about their coffee.
This picture is about the kitch. Random coffee mugs….I like this sort of thing. Notice the sugar dispenser…
The menu was pretty on par with The Pork Store…lots of dishes that pile the basic breakfast items in varied ways. At The Pork Store…I liked The Tasty Nest. hash browns, eggs, bacon, cheese, green pepper, tomato…all together. Here I ordered an omelet with similar ingredients as above…side of sour dough…not like SF sour dough though. I think that they should just call it ‘tangy white’ when you aren’t in SF.
We were squinting at the Banff National Park banner on the ceiling (because ‘4-letters: Banff National Park locale’ was a NYTimes crossword clue today…and we were at a loss) when Bryan says…this coffee tastes a little…salty. I didn’t think he meant that literally. I tasted mine.. YUCK! We told our waiter that we thought there was salt in the sugar shaker. Sure enough…he hurriedly collected several off the nearby tables. The second cup was much better…and the breakfast was good for the price…but no Pork Store. We’ll keep looking