Where Do the Hours Go?


Lets see…There are over 8500 hours in the year.

If I break out all of those hours…here’s what I’ve got.time1

Ok. I’m asleep about 3000 hours/year…but that’s not negotiable.

And I work about 2000 hours/year…and go to a little school, and I do a little commuting..and a wee little exercise…

So holy cow! I’ve got about 2700 hours/year that I can’t account for. If you divide that 2700 hours into 12 months..I’ve already spent about 225 hours in January doing what?!? Well, I did do that graphic above (I don’t really know Illustrator…so it took me longer than you’d think).

Like sand through an hourglass…but no more! I am going to schedule about 400 of those 2700 ‘lost hours’ with volunteer work – that’s 33 hours/month doing what I promised to this new administration. And I’ll keep it all in a little graph…because I’ll still have way too much time on my hands…2300 hours to be exact.