If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

Does it make a sound?
Indeed it does! During that big storm the other day, we had the tallest living thing in Oregon lose its top. It was a beautiful sitka spruce. The tallest in the country – over 200 feet tall.

Oregon has a Heritage Tree program recognizing important trees in the state. There are quite a few, but I believe that this particular tree was the empitus for the project …some tree! Here’s the brochure:
If you’re toodling through Oregon, you should print it out and go visit some of these beauties. This one was about 750 years old (Magna Carta anyone?) and just think of all of the things that happened in the world since she was here. There’s just not much that lives to be this old. They’re talking about letting her be a nurse log and letting her lay in the forest there…
Oh my! I believe I may be becoming a bit of a tree-hugger! And I’ve only been here a year! 🙂