You Tell Me…


We got a new (slightly used) border collie mix a few months back…about the time I last posted. Her name is Polly, and she’s amazing!

More than one person has told me that she looks like Scrat from Ice Age. You tell me…

Scout passed away one day last summer (acute arrhythmia). We miss her and talk about her often. We’re also very glad to have a new friend in the house.



I stopped into Cline Glass looking for a stained glass lampshade. Turns out they don’t sell those there, but they do sell glass to people who make stained glass lampshades and they do offer classes to people who might want to learn stained glass so that they can eventually make their own stained glass lampshades.


So I started the class in late June. 3 hours a night once a week where we learned to cut, grind, foil, flux, solder and, oh yes, bleed.

On the first night of class we just practiced cutting random pieces of glass, which sounds easy, but there’s a finesse to it that apparently you acquire over time…

art glass shards

Be careful! This stuff is sharp!

While I cut my finger three times that night, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! At the end of the night I had successfully cut out glass using my practice pattern (note piece #5 in the pattern – it comes up again):
stained glass test patter

practice pattern

The next class was where we picked our projects. I picked a cute, but rather complicated squirrel pattern. It was 25 pieces, lots of curves, and not a realistic pick for a first project. But, my sweet, squirrel-loving dog had just passed the weekend before and when I saw that pattern I thought it a sign from BEYOND that I was meant to make the squirrel. My instructor, Becky, was probably reluctant to talk me out of using that pattern because I was a little weepy when I told her why I chose it.

Cut..cut…grind…grind… With laser focus I cut out my little squirrel parts. I did not cut my finger even once.

Here is a picture of all of the pieces after I cut them. Remember piece # 5 in my practice pattern? That’s a complicated cut (for a newbie) and similar to my squirrel arm. It took me SIX times to cut it out without breaking the arm off in the process!

squirrel pieces cut out

squirrel cuts

In the last class we took our foiled projects and soldered them. And I got to walk out of class with my first finished stained glass piece! Ta-dah!

stained glass squirrel


Squirrlin’ on the South Park Blocks

It must be spring here in Portland. The squirrels are out and therefore…so is Scout. So we’re out walking and she sees a squirrel…way off in the distance. Of course, I don’t see it, but Scout has a sense about these things.

We are lead about half a block down to where the tree is that the squirrel is in. Game on!!

Really, the vet says her vision is getting a bit foggy, but scenes like this make me wonder. Once Scout actually finds the tree, that’s pretty much it. There’s really no ‘treat’ on par with the prospect of squirrel.

Peace Rally in Portland

B and I broke out Scout’s tie-dyed bandanna for the peace rally this weekend. We joined a huge crowd for a walk through downtown Portland. The rally started and ended on our front lawn (the South Park blocks). We started out just opening our living room window. We could hear the speakers (hello mayor!) and the music. When it was time to march we just went downstairs and voila. Front row! We broke off from the crowd at one point to get the latest version of Quicken at the local Office Depot, but then rejoined and finished the walk – a consumerist splinter group… Nice walk. Someone said “Dogs for peace.” to Scout. It dawned on me that we don’t really know her politics, but she did look ‘at home’ in the tie-dye. 🙂